AIMIRR: Revolutionizing the way people shop online.

At Aimirr, we believe in empowering shoppers by providing accurate measurements, personalized size recommendations, and virtual fitting experiences. Our core values of innovation, convenience, and customer satisfaction drive us to continuously improve and enhance the online shopping experience.

Patent Pending Technology

Revolutionary Technology for Seamless Ecommerce Experiences

At Aimirr, we have developed a patent pending technology that enables ecommerce stores to offer virtual measuring, size recommendation, and virtual fitting room experiences. Our cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrates with any ecommerce provider, providing a hassle-free and accurate way for customers to find their perfect fit.

Discover the AI Advantage

Our platform leverages the latest AI-driven segmentation algorithms and neural networks, setting a new standard in virtual try-on accuracy and personalization.

Unmatched Fit Precision

AIMIRR’s innovative 3-point topology body scanning ensures that any garment fits perfectly, regardless of the camera device used.

Next-Level Garment Visualization

With state-of-the-art AI techniques for skinning, blending, and grading, we bring the highest level of detail and realism to digital clothing.

Patent Pending Technology

We use proprietary computer vision algorithms, and deep learning models so your customers can shop with confidence.


Transforming the Way You Shop Online

At Aimirr, we are proud of our growth and achievements. Our innovative virtual measuring, size recommendation, and virtual fitting room tool have revolutionized the ecommerce industry.

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