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Licensed Image - Startfy Webflow Template
Licensed Image - Startfy Webflow Template
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Licensed Image - Startfy Webflow Template
Licensed Image - Startfy Webflow Template

Patent pending technology.

Our Body Scanning & Garment Rendering methods use proprietary computer vision algorithms, and deep learning models that facilitate apparel fit experience and high fidelity simulations so you can shop for the right fit and style with confidence.

Power of AI

Built on state-of-the-art segmentation algorithms powered by AI neural networks.

Fit Accuracy

Our unique 3-point topology body scanning and measurement technique enables high fit accuracy on any camera device.

Garment Rendering

Using the latest advancements in AI skinning, blending & grading we are able to digitize and render clothing with high fidelity.

Data Driven

Our dashboards provide body measurement and shopper behavior insights to inform design decisions and inventory management.

How it works?


Visit your favorite online store

Navigate to the apparel of choice on mobile or web camera device. See a prompt to try on the garment virtually. Get directed to the aimirr experience


Get Measured

Get a panoramic body scan within 30 seconds on aimirr. Save your profile if you like. We understand your body shape, find your right size and now it's time for you to try-on that garment.


Rock the ramp

Open your camera, the apparel will come onto you in real-time. Once you are satisfied,  add the item to your cart!

aimirr for business


Increase Conversions

We drive traffic, as well as sales. aimirr's simple and efficient virtual try-on experience allows shoppers to spend less time on guessing and more time on engaging with your product catalog.


Process improvements

Retailers that work with us gain 5X agility improvements in their processes. Seamlessly integrate with our solution and match your real-time fitting room experience exactly to your brand.


Reduce returns

When shoppers are able to try-on clothes and see the fit and texture in real-time, they are less likely to file for a return. Our study shows a 36% drop in returns when subjects used our app.